The Lounge

A visit to our lounge will not leave you disappointed. With a substantial SAKE LIST and Wine List plus a full bar to back it up, you're sure to enjoy something good.

DJ will be spinning feel good Jams on both Friday & Saturday 8pm-11pm!



Try Saketini with Premium Ginjo Sake or The G & T with House made Quinine syrup. refreshing and so easy to love!


Enjoy Carefully selected Cold SAke From Robust and bold Junmai Yamahai style to a rich and velvety Ginjo Nama-genshu. even Ultra premium Daiginjo.


Scotch 1.jpg

Japanese Whisky

Indulge in award winning rare Japanese Whiskys.

 If you like them on the Rocks, do yourself a favor and order a hand cut Diamond Ice. Not only does it look good in your glass, but its slow diluting process lets you enjoy your whisky longer without watering down rapidly, Also, no impurities to interrupt the quality.